Vehicle Repairs

All types of vehicle repairs from minor fixes to major overhauls

Car, Van & Vehicle Repairs DumbartonCar, Van, 4×4, Small Commercial Vehicle Repairs Dumbarton & West Dunbartonshire

We have clients from all over West Dunbartonshire including Alexandria, Balloch, Renton, Old Kilpatrick, Bowling so it’s not just Dumbarton folk we repair vehicles for. If you are from outside of Dumbarton give us a call and we will arrange to help you out.

Our vehicle repair service ranges from changing a bulb to a full engine overhaul. The repairs can be from vehicle maintenance repairs to MOT repairs and anything in between. We also carry our repairs to windows, door locks, wiper mechanisms, electrical switches and units, seats and seatbelts, airbags and dashboards.

At S1 Auto Services we carry out virtually every repair possible by a fully qualified motor mechanic with guarantees of our workmanship and repairs.

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