MOT Garage & Test Centre

MOTs for the people of Dumbarton and Surroundings Towns

MOT Garage Dumbarton & MOT Test CentreMOTs Dumbarton & Surrounding Areas

Our workshop is based in Dumbarton but we do MOTs for customers from all over West Dunbartonshire including Alexandria, Balloch, Renton, Bowling, Old Kilpatrick – so if you are from outside of Dumbarton we can still work with you.

We offer Class 4 and Class 7 MOT’s which covers cars and light goods vehicles. MOT’s are available 6 days a week by appointment. Again all manufacturers are catered for – ranging from a small Mini One to a Motorhome. Minibus MOT’s and Pick Up MOT’s are also available. Your MOT Test can be booked and carried out up to one calendar month prior to expiry of the current certificate.

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Vehicle Servicing

Keep your vehicle healthy with our vehicle servicing options

Car, Van & Vehicle Servicing DumbartonVehicle Servicing Dumbarton for Cars, Vans, 4x4s & Small Commercial Vehicles

At S1 Auto Services we provide vehicle maintenance servicing for all makes of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. All servicing is carried out by fully qualified motor mechanics, and to a very high standard often exceeding manufacturers’ recommendations. We also carry out manufacturers’ warranty servicing which allows your car to be serviced by us and still maintain the manufacturers’ warranty on your vehicle. This not only saves you the costs of expensive dealership servicing, we guarantee quality repairs and workmanship and only use OE (Original Equipment) Spec Parts which ensures your warranty remains valid.

Our vehicle servicing ranges from first yearly inspections to full major servicing and timing belt replacements.

We also offer summer and winter service for your car. For example on a winter service your anti-freeze levels are checked and on the summer service your air conditioning is checked. By having these services you have peace of mind in the knowledge your car stays road worthy all year round.

Our vehicle servicing is available for all makes, we do not only service certain manufacturers – to name but a few: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Chrysler, Dihatsu, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen… the list is endless.

The quality of the servicing on offer here at S1 Auto Services is second to none, right down to resetting your vehicle service indicator and stamping your service book – again guaranteeing the validity of your manufacturers’ warranty.

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Vehicle Repairs

All types of vehicle repairs from minor fixes to major overhauls

Car, Van & Vehicle Repairs DumbartonCar, Van, 4×4, Small Commercial Vehicle Repairs Dumbarton & West Dunbartonshire

We have clients from all over West Dunbartonshire including Alexandria, Balloch, Renton, Old Kilpatrick, Bowling so it’s not just Dumbarton folk we repair vehicles for. If you are from outside of Dumbarton give us a call and we will arrange to help you out.

Our vehicle repair service ranges from changing a bulb to a full engine overhaul. The repairs can be from vehicle maintenance repairs to MOT repairs and anything in between. We also carry our repairs to windows, door locks, wiper mechanisms, electrical switches and units, seats and seatbelts, airbags and dashboards.

At S1 Auto Services we carry out virtually every repair possible by a fully qualified motor mechanic with guarantees of our workmanship and repairs.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Using the latest technology we can diagnose problems with your vehicle

Engine & Electronic Diagnostics DumbartonEngine Diagnostics & Electronics Diagnostics Dumbarton & Surrounding Areas

Once again this service is available throughout Dunbartonshire. If you live near Dumbarton, Alexandria, Balloch, Renton, Bowling, Old Kilpatrick we can get to the bottom of your vehicle’s problems. Just get in touch and speak to the experts.

If your car engine management light is glowing, this is an indication that there may be some fault within either the engine or the electronics of your vehicle. Using the latest Snap On diagnostic testing equipment, we carry out full diagnostic checks and tests to determine the cause of the problem.

Once established, we complete repairs at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay from a main dealership.

This service is available for all makes and models, and not restricted to specific manufacturers.

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Tyre Safety & Replacements

Have good tyres keeps you safe and legal, try our tyre safety check - it's free!

Tyre Safety Check DumbartonTyre Replacement and Tyre Safety Checks

An important service that is available is our tyre safety check. You cannot always tell by looking at your tyres if they are road legal. The checks that we do confirm if in fact they are or are not legal. Should your tyres be at the end of their life span and treads wearing low we are able to quote for replacement tyres at a competitive price.

Additional services include puncture repairs, wheel balancing, steering tracking alignment and both 2 and 4 wheel laser alignment.


If you happen to lose your locking wheel nut key, we can remove your locking wheel nuts with minimal damage to the wheel. Just another great service on offer at S1 Auto Services.

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Vehicle Batteries

Free Vehicle Battery Tests, Replacement & Fitting also available

Vehicle Battery Testing & Replacement ServiceVehicle Battery Check & Battery Fitting Service Dumbarton

At S1 Auto Services we offer a battery life check. This will determine the condition and lifespan of your battery. Some people have the opinion that if your battery is flat then this automatically needs replaced. This may not always be the case, and you should always find the cause of the flat battery before replacing the unit. Before changing a battery we always check for any other possible faults which may have caused the battery to drain power.

As we hold a stock of batteries in the workshop ,we are able to supply and fit these when needed. All batteries come with a 3 year guarantee.

We will recycle your old battery on your behalf.

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Exhausts & Emissions

Get the most from your vehicle and make sure your vehicle is legal

Exhausts Checks, Testing & Emissions DumbartonCar & Vehicle Exhausts & Emissions Tests Dumbarton

There is no need to travel to a specific tyre & exhaust centre as right here at S1 Auto Services any exhaust repair or replacement can be carried out. This is available to all makes of vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Catalytic convertor replacements are carried out in the workshop, diesel DPF (diesel particulate filter) can be maintained serviced or even replaced if required.

Emissions testing is an important environmental issue today. Many local authorities carry out random checks and tests and in some cases issue financial penalties to those found to have emissions exceeding the acceptable level. S1 Auto Services can check and test your emissions and when found to be too high can rectify any problems causing this.

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Brakes Checks, Tests & Replacements DumbartonBrake Checks, Brake Tests & Brake Replacements Dumbarton

At S1 Auto Services vehicle safety is paramount, which is why we recommend a brake check annually. This is usually advisable before the winter months when your car is more exposed to various road conditions. Brakes are checked at the time of service, however, if you have no had your car serviced as regularly as you should then the brake check is definitely important.

A free brake safety check is available on request. During this check we will advise on brake pads, brake discs, brake linings, brake drums, brake pipes, handbrake cables and brake fluid. We will advise on the condition of the brakes and if necessary quote for any repairs/replacements that may be needed.

Your brake fluid should be changed every 4 years, dependent on the manufacturers specifications. We will check, test and advise you if your fluid needs replaced. Call us to arrange a check.

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Breakdown & Recovery

24/7 Roadside Assistance - Breakdown & Recovery Services Dumbarton & Surrounding Areas

24/7 Roadside Assistance – Breakdown & Recovery Services Dumbarton & Surrounding Areas

We operate a 24 hour vehicle breakdown and recovery service. This can be for anything from a puncture (tyre change over) to a non start at the side of the road or your home. If we can’t get you going at the roadside we will take you home and the vehicle back to our garage for repair.

Our recovery truck is able to hold a single vehicle and has a cab for our driver and up to 4 passengers.


Tel: 01389 764 554 or 07981 581 454

In the matter of a Breakdown or Recovery emergency we suggest calling us alternatively get in touch by email – click here